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Rejuvenating Hair Growth Serum (infused with essential oils)

Rejuvenating Hair Growth Serum (infused with essential oils)

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Experience our advanced haircare elixir, meticulously crafted to invigorate hair growth and enhance hair density. Enriched with a proprietary blend of essential oils, this innovative formula stimulates hair growth, revitalizes hair follicles, and minimizes hair loss. Witness the transformation as it activates and enhances hair density, leaving your locks visibly fuller, longer, and luxuriously thicker.
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  • Step 1: Dispense serum drops into your palm.

  • Step 2: Apply to the scalp's hair roots and massage thoroughly.

  • Step 3: Leave overnight and shampoo your hair in the morning.
    Note: Apply serum to the scalp and hair roots.

  • Cold pressed sweet almond oil

  • Jojoba oil

  • Argan Oil

  • Rosemary essential oil

  • Eucalyptus essential oil

  • Geranium essential oil

Free of Toxins: Parabens, Artificial Fragrance, Silicones, Micro-Plastics We meticulously source all our ingredients and use each one in its purest form without any adulteration. Zero Plastic Inside | Vegan & Cruelty-Free